Concept Cars

As you gaze up at the car rotating on the stage, its paintwork resplendent under the sparkle of a hundred motor show lights, the hand-crafted body and bespoke cabin looking a million dollars, you think you’ll never be able to own one, or at least not in this world. But, these show cars are an opportunity for us to give you a glimpse at the Toyota of the future, and in some cases this future comes sooner than you think.

Automotive haute couture

Our concept cars are an expression of our engineers’ and designers’ imagination. We give them the freedom to express themselves. If you like, they are the what haute couture is to the world of fashion, a sometimes radical, but creative blueprint to what is ‘hot’ in the industry and what we will all be wearing in years to come – or in our case, driving!
Our design centres in California, Japan and southern France all strive to develop concept cars that express our commitment to the future by showcasing new styling themes, environmental technologies or interior functionality.

Taking centre stage

Displayed as the centrepiece at motor shows around the world, we use them to gauge interest and reaction. And although the cars will never enter production exactly as you see them, the best ideas will be supported and invested in.
By doing this we support and promote the creativity of our designers, which is the lifeblood of our company, and importantly means these innovations make their way to the production models you can buy at your local dealership.
So next time you see one of our concept cars, with its experimental materials, state-of-the-art design and cutting-edge technology, remember that although it’s a one of a kind, soon you could own something just like it…