Toyota Genuine Parts

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The Parts Department's main function is to support all Toyota customers.

After the purchase of a vehicle, technicians in the Service Department inspect the vehicle thoroughly before handing it over to make sure it is performing within standards. When the vehicle returns for service, some parts may need to be replaced. These parts are sourced from the Parts Department. The Parts Department does not only support CFAO Motors Limited (formally Toyota Malawi Limited) customers but all Toyota Vehicle Users.

Why get Toyota Genuine Parts

It is important to replace your parts with Genuine Parts. Many people are attracted to fake parts because they are cheaper, but in fact, in the long run, they pay more. A Toyota Genuine Part sourced from CFAO Motors Limited (formally Toyota Malawi Limited) lasts long. Long enough for you to concentrate on other business while fake parts become faulty and need replacement from time to time.

Not only do fake parts need replacement frequently but also affect other parts since vehicle parts rely on each other for optimum performance. when one part fails, the other is overworked and this may lead to damage of other parts.

One can appreciate that maintaining a vehicle that runs on fake parts is more costly. Always fit your vehicle with Toyota Genuine Parts.

The Parts Department has experienced personnel who understand Toyota Genuine Parts. They have information on every Toyota vehicle therefore quotations are supplied based on Model Codes and Vin Numbers, not just a sample.

At the Parts Department, you will always get the part you require. Our off shelf supply rate is always above 92%.